Toni Jackson :: Psychotherapist & Counsellor



I am a Psychotherapist & Counsellor in Perth, Western Australia. I work at the Mundaring Wellness Centre in the Perth Hills, at Fremantle Counselling & Psychological Services in Fremantle and Online. Toni Jackson is a compassionate and experienced Psychotherapist and Counsellor. She has 20 years’ experience counselling adults, adolescents, children and families from many different backgrounds. While Toni works with a range of clients, she specialises in women's health and wellbeing, including adolescents. Some of the reasons people seek counselling with Toni include: low self-worth, body image concerns, disordered eating, anxiety, depression, overwhelming feelings, an inability to move forward in life, past abuse or trauma and difficulty with relationships. How Toni Works Toni has a special interest in trauma therapy. She works with her clients to both manage strong feelings, and to address the root causes. • She uses strategies to relieve symptoms of anxiety & depression – such as grounding, mindfulness, relaxation & movement • Toni uses talk-therapy to explore the underlying causes of her clients’ struggles • She may work with subtle body posture, facial expression and movement to work through long-held trauma • Sometimes she uses art therapy techniques to work with memories, situations and feelings that are difficult to verbalise Clients have reported that sessions with Toni are heartfelt, truthful, insightful and moving. They can range from serious conversations and teary exchanges, to laughter and light-heartedness. Toni’s qualifications include a BA Psychology, Grad Dip Women's Studies, Accredited Gestalt Psychotherapist.