My Therapeutic Approach

The more we try to become who we are not, the more we stay the same.
For change to occur, we first need to accept who we are.

As a counsellor, psychotherapist and creative therapist I work from a holistic perspective. I tailor sessions to what is most appropriate for each individual; drawing from my skills in mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy and creative therapies (such as drawing, painting, clay work, sewing and sand tray), in addition to my professional training in counselling and psychotherapy.  Some people just like to talk, others prefer to get creative – it’s up to you.

Creative Therapy
I have found art therapy to be extremely affective in working with:
• people who find it difficult to talk about feelings
• people with eating disorders or self harm issues
• young people (I work with 10 year olds and up)
• people who have experienced trauma or extremely stressful life events
• people who like to work more intuitively or creatively

Some examples of the ways in which I work creatively with my clients:
• I have had clients sew their own guardian angel. My clients have found this to be a powerful experience – particularly for those suffering from grief and trauma.
• I have had clients draw their pain – expressing on paper what was too difficult to initially put into words.
• I have facilitated a number of Art Therapy workshops and groups. In one group for women, the participants sewed their own ‘insideout’ doll*.  The women created a small doll which expressed the difference between the ‘public face’ they show the world, and their true, authentic feelings, on the inside.

Another Expressive therapy I use with my clients is Sand Play. It involves using a tray full of sand and a large number of miniature figurines that essentially represent life and the world. Clients are invited to use these symbols to represent their inner world, or whatever it is that is troubling them. This technique taps into feelings and experiences on a pre-verbal level. It can be a very powerful experience; and is a way of expressing and communicating that goes beyond words.

Mindfulness is both an aspect of the way I counsel as a psychotherapist and is also a technique I offer to clients as a way of transforming stress, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

Some examples of mindfulness techniques I often use include:
Abdominal breathing exercises.
Body scans and progressive muscle relaxation.
Noticing thoughts, emotions and sensations in your body.
Becoming aware of where in your body you hold certain emotions.

If you are experiencing difficulties such as:
• Stress or anxiety
• Depression
• Self-esteem/self worth or assertiveness concerns
• Unresolved issues from the past (‘big’ or ‘small’, ancient or recent)
• How you relate to others
• Feeling overwhelmed or lost
• Disordered eating or self harm
• Identity crisis

Counselling with me will support you by:
• Putting things into perspective
• Exploring your options
• Developing strategies for dealing with your concerns
• Increasing your self awareness
• Learning how to deal with strong feelings
• Exploring and resolving unhelpful habits or patterns of behaviour
• Discovering what is behind some of your habitual ways of coping that no longer work for you – and choosing something new
• Developing self compassion and acceptance
• Exploring your true self and your true path

If you have further questions about how I work, or would like to make an appointment, please contact me.

Phone: 0439 995 302

* I’d like to acknowledge and thank Bronwyn for this beautiful and very profound idea.

3 Comments on “My Therapeutic Approach

    • Hi Teenage Poet. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better and that you found my information interesting. Working with depression is something I’m passionate about. It is so fundamentally important that we learn to be kind to ourselves.



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