Who Can Benefit?

Who Can Benefit :: Women & Adolescents

– Experiencing stress, anxiety, burnout or depression.
– Who feel their self esteem/self worth is holding them back or causing them pain.
– Who would like support in coping with an upsetting or traumatic life event.
– Wishing to focus more on their own wellbeing and self care.

Counselling aims to help you deal with and overcome issues that are causing pain or making you feel uncomfortable.

Young People (Adolescents & Young Adults)
– Experiencing stress, anxiety or depression.
– Who are struggling with how to be themselves around others.
– Who would like support with issues around gender identity or sexuality.
– Struggling with communicating and relating with others.
– Experiencing self esteem/self worth concerns.
– Concerns about disordered eating and self harm.

Counselling Can Help By

– Addressing the causes of your concerns.
– Learning ways to take care of your self in the face of stressful circumstances.
– Looking at how your thoughts and actions affect your emotions.
– Exploring your options.
– Developing strategies for dealing with your concerns.
– Tapping into your strengths.
– Assisting in creating a self care ‘toolbox’ for managing stress and living well.
– Having someone available to sit and really hear and see you with compassion and without judgement.

If you’d like more information or to make an appointment, please contact me.
Phone: 0439 995 302
Email: toni@tonijacksoncounselling.com

Toni Jackson is a compassionate, creative and experienced Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Perth, Fremantle and Mundaring, Western Australia. She has worked over the past 20 years in the areas of women and adolescent mental health and wellbeing, counselling adults, adolescents, children and families from many different backgrounds. Toni uses counselling, psychotherapy, art therapy (such as drawing, painting, sand play, clay modelling and sewing), mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy to support her clients’ unique needs. Toni specialises in working with women who are experiencing anxiety, stress or depression; and young people struggling with anxiety, self esteem or self identity.
Toni’s qualifications include a BA Psychology, Grad Dip Women’s Studies and accreditation as a Psychotherapist (GT).

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