Toni Jackson

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s What To Do

When we feel overwhelmed, even small things can seem like big things.  Someone asks for a favour, you can’t find your keys or you get stuck in a traffic jam and it feels like too much to handle.  When we are already feeling stressed or under pressure, we have a tendency to get upset, frustrated or angry a lot easier than usual.  We’ve reached our limit and don’t have the capacity to take on any more.  Following are some simple and effective ways to feel less overwhelmed, so that we can more easily manage what life throws at us.


When we feel overwhelmed, it is usually because things are not going the way we want them to and/or there is more going on than we feel we can cope with.  We may be overwhelmed by grief or trauma, or by study and work commitments, our health, relationships, family, being busy, other people’s expectations of us, or feeling just not good enough.

When we are overwhelmed, we have gone into flight, fight or freeze response.  Our sympathetic nervous system has gone into overdrive.  We feel anxious, stressed and overloaded.

It can feel like the answer to overwhelm is to push through, or think our way out.  It’s not.  It may seem counterproductive, but the answer to overwhelm is to stop. Read More

Warning! This Workbook Creates Change!

I want to share something with you…I have discovered a soulful, women’s workbook that is life changing!  I really love this book and wondered if you might too.

So, the new year has started.
And somehow we’re already into February.
How is your year going so far? Do you know what you want from 2017?
What would you like to give, receive, feel, create, transform this year?

I’ve been thinking about this a LOT. For the past month, I’ve been enthusiastically filling out my fabulous ‘2017 My Shining Year’ workbook, by a gorgeous Australian woman, Leonie Dawson. It. Is. Awesome.
Leonie Dawson is this amazing, creative, energetic, quirky, soul-centred, women’s life coach kinda person.

She has created a workbook that is designed for women to get clear on what it is that makes their hearts sing and then, using practical goal-setting strategies, make cool stuff happen!

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Managing Anxiety: Holistic Tips From 7 Practitioners

It took me years to work out how to best manage my anxiety. In fact, I didn’t know that the awful, overwhelming thoughts, sensations and feelings I experienced were anxiety until a counsellor told me. I just thought there was something wrong with me. It turns out that a large part of managing anxiety, involves consistently showing ourselves kindness and compassion.  This can be done through a variety of activities, depending on what appeals to you.

Following, some of the diverse range of practitioners at the Mundaring Wellness Centre share their tips on managing anxiety. Read More