Toni Jackson


How to Meet Yourself In Psychotherapy

Image: The School of Life

Image: The School of Life Psychotherapy helps clients build better relationships with themselves, others and the world. As a way to demonstrate this, I’ve put together a really lovely collection of The School of Life animations, which beautifully describe some…

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Do I Need A Coach Or A Therapist?

So you’re struggling with something and you’ve decided you could use some support. Do you need a coach, or a therapist and what’s the difference? Coaches and therapists both potentially have a lot to offer and working out which is…

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Why The Best Counsellor For You, May Be Someone Your Doctor’s Never Heard Of

That’s not strictly true. There are definitely a lot of amazing therapists referred by General Practitioners. However, almost without exception in Australia, GPs refer only to mental health professionals who are eligible to work with Medicare. This includes Psychologists, Occupational…

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