Toni Jackson

Ten ways to self-care when you’re time-poor

When we’re busy, often the first thing many of us neglect is our self care. It’s easy to think we don’t have enough time, or are too stressed, to look after ourselves. The funny thing is, that dedicating even a small amount of time to looking after ourselves can make a significant difference to our ability to function well. Making the time to care for ourselves when we are time-poor can increase our productivity, our creativity and our mood, as well as decrease our stress levels.

I believe that the simple things are often the best. They are the things that we already know are nurturing, but for whatever reason, don’t allow ourselves to indulge in.

Here are some of my favourite quick and easy self-care ideas:

• Soaking in a hot bath with candles and a face mask (instead of watching TV).
• Spending 5 or 10 minutes lying on the floor on your back, literally doing nothing (can you remember the last time you actively allowed yourself to do nothing?).
• Go for a walk for 10 minutes and let your mind wander.
• Take 3-5 minutes to stop and focus on your breathing. Are you holding your breath? Or breathing fast? Take some long, slow, deep breaths in, and out.
• Eat something simple and nutritious.
• Stretch.
• Practice saying “No”.
• Schedule in some screen-free time and interact with a real human or read a book.
• Buy yourself some flowers, or pick some!
• Go to bed early (maybe after that bath!).

What are some of your favourite ways to look after yourself?

Photo credit:martinak15 via / CC BY