Toni Jackson

The journey I’ve taken to get here…

I thought I’d share a little about myself.
I grew up on a farm.
I’ve always been creative and interested in the wellbeing of others – these are my defining features.
I went to university and studied psychology and then women’s studies.
I spent 12 months travelling around Australia in an old van.
I worked in a women’s refuge with women and children who survived domestic violence.
I rode my bicycle across the north of Western Australia, from Broome to Kununurra on a dirt track.
I worked with young Indigenous women, and then as a drug and alcohol counsellor in the Kimberley. Read More

The Importance of Children’s Play


I’ve got another TED talk to share with you.  I love TED talks.  This one is from Dr Peter Gray, who studies children’s play.

He makes a link between the decline in the amount of time children are allowed free play (in America, which I think may translate also to Australia) and the decline in children’s mental health.  Children learn essential lessons from each other during play – how to negotiate, be empathic, problem solve, be creative and much more.  My child’s off learning some of that stuff right now!



Embracing Vulnerability

Do you know Brene Brown?
This is her TED talk on vulnerability.
It’s an oldie but a goodie.
I like to revisit it to remind myself of the beauty of being vulnerable.
Warm wishes,