Toni Jackson

Post ‘Early Warning Signs of Stress Workshop’ Post

Thank you to those who attended the workshop last week on recognising our early warning signs of stress.  We had some great discussions on what we noticed about our own personal indicators of stress by looking at our thoughts, emotions, bodies and behaviour.

We then looked at what those signs are telling us about ourselves, how we can be more aware of our signs, and what to do when we notice them.

Afterward, we did a wonderful mindfulness exercise, then drank tea and ate Berry Sour Cream Tart from the lovelies at Kinfolk Cafe.

I shall be posting an article soon with the details of how you can become more aware in your daily life of your stress signals, and what to do about them!

Take care!


The Little Cottage in the Garden where I practice as a Therapist

The place where I practice as a therapist is quite magical!  I chose it because it is the kind of place I would like to go as a client.  It is cosy, nurturing, peaceful and beautiful.  I work out of a small cottage, which sits in a lovely little cottage garden.  It is part of a holistic wellness centre, and as such, houses a range of therapeutic practitioners such as massage therapists and a naturopath (to name but a few).  The centre also has a wonderfully delicious wholefoods cafe, an organic wholefoods and gift shop, and a light-filled, hexagonal hall for workshops.  I love it.

Toni (:

Recognising the early warning signs that we’re not taking care of ourselves

I’m holding a workshop soon to introduce myself, and explore the early warning signs that we’re not taking care of ourselves.  Becoming more aware of what our own, personal early signs of stress are, means we are better able to care for ourselves before we get to crisis point.  Come along for a relaxing evening of self care, tea and cake!

Photo credit: hyena-in-petticoats via / CC BY-NC