How Weekly Counselling Sessions can make a Difference to your Therapy

If you are considering counselling or psychotherapy, or you’re already seeing a therapist, you may have wondered how often you really need to go.

This is a question most new clients ask me.

The answer is weekly is usually best.

Due to financial considerations, I do have clients who see me fortnightly, however, there are distinct differences in the amount of therapeutic progress made and in how easily we reach the roots of their pain.

Soul-centred Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Eating Disorder Specialist, Jodie Gale, interviewed counsellors and psychotherapists from around the world, to get their views on weekly sessions.

Some of the reasons weekly counselling works so well are:
• Weekly sessions help to build and maintain the ever-important relationship between client and therapist – a factor well-known to be the most significant in terms of therapy effectiveness.
• Weekly means half the session isn’t being used for ‘catch up’ each time.
• There is a sense of being held and cared for – a feeling of safety – which then leads to ‘diving deep’ and unearthing the root causes of pain, in a gentle and supported way.

As well as myself, the therapists who were interviewed for the article were: Emma Cameron, Jennifer Brady LPC, Kameela Osman MSW RSW, Alicia Hite MS. LMFT, Cindy Blank-Edelman LMHC, Rebecca Newkirk LCSW, Renee Outland OTD OTR/L, Sheryl Woodhouse LMFT, and Jodie Gale.

To read the full article, go to Why Counsellors and Psychotherapists Recommend Weekly Therapy.

National Psychotherapy Day

This blog post was written for National Psychotherapy Day – September 25 (in the US).

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