Art Therapy Inner Child Workshop

This weekend, my colleagues and I are running an Inner Child workshop for women.  I’m really excited about it!  There are still a couple of places available if you are interested in coming along to this gentle and creative day in the hills.  Due to the fact that Joyce and I are supporting an Art Therapy Placement (Dianne Smith, who I’ve seen in action many times over the past few months and she’s a fantastic therapist and group facilitator), the fee for this one day workshop in only $60!

Facilitators: Dianne Smith (Transpersonal Art Therapy student  & Educator) , Joyce de Haas (Counsellor, Facilitator) and Toni Jackson (Counsellor & Psychotherapist).
Sunday 12th July 2015 10am-4pm
at Mundaring Wellness Centre

$60* including materials
Art therapy techniques will be used to explore possibilities in a non-threatening, enjoyable and supportive environment. Creative media (such as paint, pastels, texta, collage, clay, modeling, sandplay, movement) enable the unconscious to be accessed to gain personal insights without having to discuss at length one’s situation.

You do not have to be an artist (or have even held a pencil)—each image or piece is simply a means for each person to gain understanding of her own situation and to move forward. Art Therapy is a process used for healing as well as making decisions and/or establishing new directions.

BOOKINGS: 0413 034 348
*special rates as these workshops are part of a student placement as MWC.

Dianne Smith is a final year student  of Transpersonal Art Therapy undertaking her placement with IKON at  Mundaring Wellness Centre. She is also  a qualified designer in architecture and interior architecture and has worked as  many years as a teacher and facilitator in both WA and Qld. She has a particular interest in how a person’s identity and sense of self are influenced by the environments that they inhabit; as well as facilitating people to explore how the creative arts and  associated practices can open up  possibilities to tap into their inner resources and subconscious knowing. Mobile: 0413034348

Toni Jackson | Counsellor & Psychotherapist — is a compassionate, creative and experienced Counsellor and Psychotherapist.  She has worked over the past 20 years in the areas of women and adolescent mental health and well-being, counselling adults, adolescents, children and families from many different backgrounds.  Toni uses counselling, gestalt therapy, art therapy (such as drawing, painting, sand play, clay modelling and sewing), mindfulness and cognitive behaviour therapy to support her clients’ unique needs.  Toni specialises in working with women who are experiencing anxiety, stress or depression; and young people struggling with anxiety, self esteem or self identity. Toni’s qualifications include a BA Psychology, Grad Dip Women’s Studies and  accreditation as a Psychotherapist (GT) Mobile: : 0439995302

Joyce de Haas | Counsellor, Facilitator — is a mature aged, experienced counsellor and group facilitator with a Bachelor of Psychology and Masters of Counselling degree. After many years of working in agencies such as The Richmond fellowship, Holyoake and Relationship Australia, she now brings her experience to her private practice at Mundaring Wellness Centre. She has an interest in conversations from a  narrative perspective (a very positive and respectful approach), using art and sandtray to access our unconscious and inner wisdom, and laughter yoga. Mobile: 0401348213


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