Toni Jackson


Counselling in Fremantle

I am expanding my Counselling and Psychotherapy practice – as of October 2014, I will be working in Fremantle and Mundaring.  I will be located in a lovely, peaceful, nurturing therapy room at Fremantle Counselling and Psychological Services.  I specialise…

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Post ‘Early Warning Signs of Stress Workshop’ Post

Thank you to those who attended the workshop last week on recognising our early warning signs of stress.  We had some great discussions on what we noticed about our own personal indicators of stress by looking at our thoughts, emotions,…

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The Little Cottage in the Garden where I practice as a Therapist

The place where I practice as a therapist is quite magical!  I chose it because it is the kind of place I would like to go as a client.  It is cosy, nurturing, peaceful and beautiful.  I work out of…

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